Home Recipe For The Lemon Detox Diet

Published: 25th September 2009
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If you are looking for an quick and easy detox, then, the lemon detox diet is unquestionably one of the best. It is a popular diet which revolves around a totally natural drink derived from the syrup of organic trees which is combined with fresh lemon juice, water and some pepper. The syrup is made up of a concoction of palm and maple syrups, and is believed to offer a healthy balance of minerals and vitamins.

The lemon detox diet is a great way to get rid of those unpleasant toxins from your body, and will even help you lose weight at the same time. The diet comprises of little else other than this mixture to help detox your body,leaving you healed and healthy

The syrup element of the drink is high in natural sugars, which provides the body with the energy it needs to help suppress hunger during the program. The calorie content of 1 glass is approximately 70 calories, and it is also rich in zinc and calcium, providing almost the exact amount for the requirements of the body.

The lemon detox diet works on the basis of 7 days of fasting, in which only the lemon drink and water are consumed. Participants can expect to remain active, getting energy from the calories contained in the drink. There may be some symptoms such as dizziness or light headedness in the first few days as toxins begin to be removed from the body. It's also suggested to keep up some light exercise during the diet to increase the blood flow and speed up the release of toxins from the body.

After the fast it's essential not to recommence normal eating habits as this can cause serious damage to the body. It is best to start with fruit juices and lighter foods to allow for a gentle build up to a healthy diet. The process of fasting for dieting and detox can be dangerous, even with the lemon detox diet, so it's important to consult your doctor before deciding to commence any type of body detox.

Recently this detox was promoted by famous singer Beyonce, who quoted, "I survived on water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for a little over two weeks. It was very difficult; everyone but me was eating." It was reported that in 2 weeks she lost 20 pounds.

The lemon detox diet is available to buy, but here is a common, make at home recipe that you can try:

* 2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice,
* 2 tablespoons of natural maple syrup,
* 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper powder,
* 10 ounces of pure water.

Make certain that you drink plenty of water and you should not drink this lemon detox liquid more than twice a day.

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